Wholesale Video Remote Transmission Water Meter (Product Pictures)

Video Remote Transmission Water Meter (Product Pictures)

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Video Remote Transmission Water Meter (Product Pictures)
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Product Details

Video remote transmission water meter (Product pictures)


Video recognition, remote reading meter, low power consumption, NB-IoT or GPRS remote transmission mode

Suitable for: remote meter reading in old community or rural area with limited installation conditions (no replacement of water meter) intelligent water service renovation

It can easily build "intelligent water metering management system" with remote control valve, data collector, concentrator and management software to realize remote meter reading and prepayment management




ZETON video remote transmission water meter is based on the world's leading application of visual detection and recognition technology.The purpose of remote meter reading, data acquisition, calculation and management of traditional instruments without changing meters is realized through on-site shooting, automatic identification and wireless data transmission.This product uses the original deep learning model to achieve a great breakthrough in the traditional camera meter reading technology.The recognition rate of low-resolution images taken by digital or pointer instruments is more than 99.9%.It is the best choice for the intelligent upgrade of remote meter reading and prepayment management in the old community and rural areas without changing the water meter.




1.No disassembly and installation: do not disassemble without stopping water, quickly and simply cover the installation
2.Not subject to dial smudge, fuzzy, reflective, water fog, water stains, accurate identification
3.Video meter reading, cloud recognition, meter reading accuracy ≥ 99.9%
4.Video meter reading time and area can be set independently
5.Anti-theft function: prevent manual disassembly and damage, with alarm function
6.GPRS wireless or nb-iot wireless remote transmission, wide coverage, mass deployment, transmission stability and accuracy
7.Battery power supply (external power supply is available), battery margin monitoring, battery normal service life of 6 years
8.Protection level: IP68


Application value


1.Timing automatic meter reading: the user sets timing automatic meter reading to help enterprises save high cost of manual meter reading

2.Avoid subjective mistakes: avoid omission, misreading, estimation and less copying, and avoid the private giving and receiving behavior of manual meter reading

3.Accurate statistics of production and marketing: through simultaneous inspection, accurate statistics of the production and marketing difference rate, to facilitate enterprises can take targeted measures

4.Reduce malignant accidents: help enterprises to obtain structural data of pipe network monitoring, and give early warning of pipe network leakage

5.Improve payment efficiency: timely push payment notification and payment link, improve the enterprise rate and customer payment efficiency

6.Improve corporate image: help enterprises quickly enter the fast track of industrial Internet of things and intelligent operation and management




Meter size Dia DN (mm)

























Working condition:


Cold Water temperature ≤30°C

Working pressure≤1.0Mpa

Power supply: 1.5v dry battery




At low zone is ±5% from minimum flow rate (qmin) to transitional flow rate (qt) exclusive boundary

At high zone is ±2% from transitional flow rate (qt) to overload flow rate(qs)


Recommended program

1.Wireless remote transmission meter of Internet of things: video meter + system management software
2.Prepaid remote transmission management: video meter + remote control ball valve + data acquisition calculator + system management software + other auxiliary equipment

About Zhiyitong Energy

Ningbo Zhiyitong Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of production, research and development, sales and technical services as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company is located in the west industrial park, xinpu town, cixi city, south bank of the world-famous hangzhou bay bridge, with a large manufacturing center of 42,600 square meters.The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan, with an annual output of more than 1.5 million meters of various types, and its products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia.

As well known Video Remote Transmission Water Meter (Product Pictures) suppliers in China, Our products mainly involve residential water and industrial water flow measurement, heating system heat measurement and other applications. We also wholesle Video Remote Transmission Water Meter (Product Pictures) in bulk. Besides the customized parts,we also produce all kinds of conventional water and heat meters in line with international standards. OEM/ODM available.

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