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Bulk Water Meter Manufacturers

Ningbo Zhiyitong Energy Technology Co., Ltd is professional Bulk Water Meter Manufacturers and Bulk Water Meter suppliers in China which focuses on the R&D and innovation of public energy smart management solutions. The company's main products are concentrated in the two main product lines of smart heating and smart water. The existing thermal metering products of “ultrasonic heat meter, single-flow mechanical heat meter, heating intelligent control valve, indoor thermostat”, and “ultrasonic water meter, NB-loT/LORA wireless remote control valve water meter, IC card prepaid water meter, camera remote water meter, no control prepaid water meter, photoelectric direct reading remote water meter" smart water meter, "temperature control metering integrated heat metering Smartenergy management solutions such as management systems, urban smart energy management platforms (multi-integration), and urban water supply network leakage monitoring systems.
Annual output of more than 1.5 million meters of various types, and Woltman, Irrigration Bulk Water Meter are sold to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia.

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